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Welcome to Pellicano Bluffs, USA

Romance and Night Owls

Welcome to Pellicano Bluffs, a fictional town on the breathtaking central coast of California, and home to my Midnite Magic romance novels.

P.B. has all the elements necessary for a happily-ever-after story: sunsets that explode over the Pacific ocean into neon orange and crimson, wind-blown Monterey cypress trees, peaceful gardens that rival a Monet masterpiece, fog so thick it turns the night into murky soup. And of course, there are friends who share life’s ups and downs, families that quarrel and make up, coffee and muffins at the local cafe, and pelicans, always pelicans skimming the waves and diving for dinner!

And lest we forget our lovers, pairing off in stories that will have you crying and have you laughing. But they’ll always have you ending with that satisfactory “awe” feeling you get when our lovers find each other, leave each other, and then finally realize the other person is who they need to take their lives from hole-hearted to whole-hearted (I owe this lovely description to romance author and editor Gwen Hayes).

Situated halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, P.B. is a common stop for tourists taking in the world-class coastal views on Highway 1. Some stay to enjoy meals. They may linger for hours, picnicking along a peaceful stretch of beach or dining in one of the many eateries, from small cafes to Michelin-rated fine restaurants, many reflecting the Mediterranean influence on the area.

A drive through local neighborhoods showcases craftsman-style cottages and old Victorians, many of which have been converted to medical and real estate offices, or even antique stores. And when the morning fog burns off, the scene reveals a view that many families have scrimped and saved for years to afford: the first glimmer of sunlight bouncing off the waves of the blue Pacific. The beauty of that moment will fill visitors and residents alike with wonder.

And when they can’t sleep, our night owls find each other out on the bluffs. These folks start off as an eclectic group of strangers: insomniacs, travelers resting their eyes for a few minutes, young mothers trying to soothe a colicky baby, retirees who don’t need to abide by an alarm clock anymore. But they always end up with a special connection that only a night owl can appreciate.

Three of these women will become close friends, each of their stories filling a book of love and hope, a later-in-life romance.

Now I could tell you all about their stories, but then I would ruin the experience. So stay tuned and enjoy my blogs and social media posts in the meantime!

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