JaLind Rossetti


JaLind Rossetti

JaLind Rossetti (Lisa Teresi Harris) is a writer, speaker, and group fitness instructor for older adults who believes that we gain wisdom and resilience as we age. It is through living and sharing our best lives that we light up in retirement.

Her genius is showing grown-up audiences how to discover their passion so they can live a full life in their older years and share their brilliance with others.

Signature Speech:  Beyond Retirement: Unveiling the Power of Your Passion

In her signature presentation, JaLind shows how to craft a retirement future that’s defined by fulfillment and joy.

Drawing from personal experiences and actionable insights, she’ll help audiences discover how to:

  • Transform their overall well-being by embracing their passion.
  • Demystify the prevailing ageism that permeates our culture, empowering themselves and others.
  • Explore three innovative concepts to unearth exciting passions in their retirement years, igniting a new zest for life.
  • Strategize and devise a concrete roadmap to turn their passion into a vibrant reality, infusing purpose and fulfillment into every step of the journey.

Given her rich experiences as a writer, professional speaker, and official “retiree” for the past ten years, she is uniquely qualified to share this highly effective approach to finding and living with passion after retirement. 

Prior to becoming a speaker and author, JaLind worked as a dietitian and school foodservice director for more than 30 years, as a solopreneur for the past nine years, and a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for older adults. She has been committed to working with adults over age 50 for almost a decade.

JaLind is a wife, mother of two, grandmother of three, networker, and storyteller based in Temecula, California.

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