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Most novelists can tell you exactly when they decided to become an author. And it was usually by age 10.

Not me. That epiphany came decades later in my case.

But one of my clearest memories from elementary school involves looking at a blank piece of paper, grabbing a pen or pencil, and starting to write. The process of getting words out of my head and onto the page seemed almost magical! Where did all that content come from? (Spoiler alert: it’s a mystery to this day). 

With my fascination of words, I excelled at grammar and writing short stories. But my love affair with scribing hit a snag in high school: I had difficulties figuring out the plot, the theme, and all those other critical elements of the books we were analyzing. So I retired my pen. How could I possibly construct a proper story if I couldn’t even figure its basic elements?

For a quarter of a century, all I read were non-fiction works. I went to college, became a dietitian, got married, and dove headfirst into the role of working mother. I had no time for fiction!

Lisa at 10
Lisa poem

Until one fateful day when I couldn’t get out of jury duty. I stopped at a grocery store to pick up some light reading. A western romance caught my eye, and I was hooked! I even signed up for a correspondence romance writing class back in the early 2000s, and got through the first chapter of a book (I didn’t have the energy for anything more).

And so family and career continued in the forefront of my life for the next two decades.

During that time, I had watched my mother’s health decline and developed a desire to help folks over fifty. After retirement, I became a personal trainer, started a fitness business, worked with business coaches, and did a lot of networking. I taught exercise classes for older adults (I still do that) and helped my clients improve their health through nutrition. 

Then almost a year into the COVID pandemic, I attended a planning session to make 2021 my best year ever. During that month-long program, I realized I hadn’t been living my passion. I’d just been setting goals for my part-time businesses. You see, while many of my friends had retired and were looking forward to traveling or being with their grandchildren again, I knew I had more to give to the world.

Then it all came together: my childhood amazement of putting words on paper, the articles, blogs, and nonfiction books I’d written over the years, my joy in working with women over 50.

My passion was writing.

And because the older I’d gotten, the younger the romance heroines seemed to be, I knew I had to create stories for grown-up readers–already my favorite audience.

Today I write romance novels for women who are tired of reading the adventures of 20- and 30-year olds and demand to see themselves in the stories being published. I help these women reclaim their passion for life and the hopes for their own happily-ever-after.

jalind at work


JaLind Rossetti is the pen name for Lisa Teresi Harris. She writes novels for women searching for themselves in today’s romance environment–-strong yet vulnerable, smart and curious, beautiful just the way they are.

JaLind is a member of the Romance Writers of America and Southern California Romance Writers groups.

She self-published a fitness book in 2018 (as Lisa Teresi Harris) and became an international best-selling author with a daily inspiration anthology that same year.

JaLind is a writer, speaker, and group fitness instructor for older adults who is passionate about empowering women over 50. She believes we gain wisdom with age and it is through living and sharing our best lives that we light up in our later years.

She has been a Registered Dietitian since the 70s, and her last “daytime” job was in school foodservice where she managed a budget of $8 million with a staff of over a 100 at 22 schools.


Five Fun Facts About Me

  1. When I’m not writing, you can find me experimenting with plant-based recipes or taking road trips with my husband.
  2. Aside from my husband and grandchildren, my biggest cuddle buddies are our two black cats, Gomez and Lilly.
  3. I’ve always been a little sad I didn’t inherit the family genes for craft projects and gardening (those went to my siblings).
  4. Physical activity has been a huge theme throughout my life, from flying on the trapeze as a young child to riding a bicycle down the California coast in college to walking on our community trails today.
  5. I’d better get that perfect cup of coffee before 8:00 a.m., every day, or watch out!

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